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A New Generation of ORS Drug With Great Market Potential Is Approved To Launch In Chinese Market -2

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The shortcomings of antibiotic for the disease treatment are obvious as intravenous rehydration not only brings the risk of treatment, but also makes patients suffering from acupuncture. Timely rehydration is the key treatment of acute diarrhea, and oral rehydration salts is a simple, convenient, economical and effective method to prevent and cure diarrhea. A large number of scientific research shows that about 90% patients with acute watery diarrhea can be cured by ORS. ORS has reduced the mortality rate of diarrhea diseases significantly and saved millions of children's lives with diarrhea since its launching.
Oral rehydration has not only significant effect on acute diarrhea dehydration, but also unique advantages compared with intravenous rehydration: easy to take as it reduces mental stress and body pain due to the needle; fewer adverse reactions, and safer; less medical costs; avoid the difficulties due to puncture and reduced care work, so oral rehydration has great benefits for children and medical staff.
Just like Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland the previous general-officer of WHO noted that the introduction and application of oral rehydration salts is one of the greatest achievements for public health.
On the basis of clinical data in three decades: find a new ideal formula
They found in the clinical use that the original ORS (including oral rehydration saltsⅠ, Ⅱ) can not reduce the volume and frequency of defecation and diarrhea, and the high osmotic pressure of ORS Ⅰ, Ⅱ solution, may lead to infiltration type diarrhea, especially in infants and children under the age of 2.
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