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The Eighth CNBG-PATH Overall Steering Committee Meeting Convened in Beijing

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On May 25th, the Eighth CNBG-PATH Steering Committee Meeting was convened in Beijing.

Opening speeches were delivered by Mr. Yang Xiaoming, chairman of China National Biotech Group (CNBG), Dr. David Kaslow, vice president of Essential Medicines and director of the PATH Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access, Mr. Ding Haiyun, director of international cooperation department of Sinopharm group, and Ms. Vivian Hsu, senior strategy officer of Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, acknowledging the achievements by both sides’ collaboration and extending gratefulness.

During the past year, great progress was made in projects on JE vaccines, rotavirus vaccines, OPV and quality improvement. In April, CNBG Chengdu Institute passed independently the re-inspection by WHO with no defect in pharmacovigilance; rotavirus vaccines project would soon enter the phase III; OPV passed WHO PQ; inspections and trainings were conducted on the vaccine manufactured in the quality improvement project. Both parties retrospected and summarized the experience from the past year and determined goals and plans for the next step.

As CNBG is playing a more and more important role in world public health with the steady export of JE vaccines and starting to supply OPV to UNICEF, both parties agreed to list sustainable supply and innovative collaboration as the key for the next step so as to better meet future challenges. The two parties would spare no effort in assuring the sustainable supply of high-quality and affordable vaccines, being proactive in implement new projects and working hand-in-hand towards a healthy world.

Mr. Zhang Yuntao, vice president of CNBG hosted the meeting. CNBG chairman Mr. Yang Xiaoming, CNBG vice president Mr. Yang Huichuan, colleagues from Sinopharm international cooperation department and CNBG and its affiliating institutes, PATH delegation, Bill & Melinda Gate foundation HQ and Beijing office delegates were present at the meeting. (Reported by CNBG)

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